The Catholic Parish of
St Joseph, Barnoldswick and St Patrick, Earby

What you can do for your parish?

Posted on 18 January 2019

We already have quite a few catechists, but we need more people to join the team.  This does not mean that you lead sessions training our young people for Confirmation, Holy Communion or Reconciliation (Confession) - but you can if you wish. You can even select which sacrament you think you would be best suited to helping with. There are lots of other roles to be taken up:

    serving the refreshments at the start of each session;

    helping to set up each session;

    tidying up at the end of a session;

    looking after the children at Mass on Saturdays and Sundays (St. Patricks) as they help

    with the collection, meet and greet, say the bidding prayers, do the offertory procession etc;

    supporting parents during each learning session. (Parents sit with the children and study

    with them).

At the moment, all sessions take place from 4.00 p.m. to 5.15 p.m. (set up from 3.30 p.m.) on  Saturday evening. You may only be able to come to part of the session, but that would be just as helpful to coming to the whole session AND you would not be expected to come to every session.

If you are interested please speak to Canon Firth and he will put you in touch with someone in the team. 

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