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Prayer Garden for St Joseph's School

Posted on 16 April 2019

Taken from Leeds Diocese Website:


A giant Rosary forms the centrepiece of a prayer garden at St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School in Barnoldswick, opened and blessed by Bishop Marcus yesterday as he joined the school and parish priest Canon Kevin Firth in a joyous occasion which also celebrated the generosity of a much-missed St Joseph’s parishioner.

A focal point in the garden is a cross with a plaque commemorating the late 

Margaret Mary (Peggy) Humphreys who was the daughter of a previous Head Teacher  and had left a legacy to the school.  The cross also names the virtues which inspire each class:

Class 1 – Love

Class 2 – Friendship

Class 3 – Honesty

Class 4 – Trust

Class 5 – Respect


The School Council and Deputy Head Teacher led the project, working with the school’s Mini-Vinnies.  The children contributed designs and ideas and secured additional community funding and donations from several local businesses including the area’s Home base and Asda stores.

The garden has been completed with benches for quiet prayer as well as a selection of flowers and plants to attract mini-beasts.  It is situated next to a space which the children already use for gardening and looking after the environment.


Head Teacher Natalie Wood said:  ‘St. Joseph’s already has beautiful grounds, but the children and staff wanted somewhere that reflected our faith and provided a space for peaceful reflection which children could choose to use in their own time. It also provides an outdoor area where classes can have collective worship and RE outside. The children really enjoy the garden and have created posters to ask all children to respect it. The plaque which names Peggy Humphreys means we can also remember who provided this opportunity.’

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